Invited by The Hollows (Brooklyn) for their NightTime at The Hollows series and curated by Marion Guiraud, Clara Claus conceived Amble Timbre, a five-part performance, taking place in five rooms of the space, weaving together visual, sound and videos to create a synesthetic experience exploring the relationship between visual mark-making and sound. Claus created five videos exploring five different of her mark-making works. She projected the videos in different rooms of the space, and five musicians – Amedeo Pace, Ryan Seaton, Elliott Krimsky, Emilie Weibel and Nick Podgursky – responded musically to the projections.


Music recording by Amedeo Pace
Live music by Ryan Seaton, Eliot Krimsky, Emilie Weibel and Nick Podgurski
Videos by Anton Tokar, Natacha Ikoli, Clara Claus


MICROSCOPIC music by Amedeo Pace, animation by Anton Tokar (clip from original)


PAPER ROLL (clip from original)


FLOATING PAPERS, video by Natacha Ikoli (clip from original)


PAINTED WOOD music by Emilie Weibel (clip from original)


INTERSECTION music by Nick Podgurski (clip from original)