For Crossing Brooklyn Ferry at BAM, Clara Claus collabo rated with Bryce Dessner on a thirty-minute Graphic Score in 8 movements for four musicians; Bryce Dessner (guitar), David Cossin (drums), Thomas Bartlett (keyboard) and Benjamin Lanz (trombone).
Claus used four different medium for the four different musicians: black ink for Bryce Dessner, pencil for David Cossin, gouache for Thomas Bartlett and oil stick for Benjamin Lanz.
The thirty-minute video of the eight drawings on paper rolls scrolling was projected in the movie theater of BAM, with two musicians in the front, and two musicians set in the middle of the room in one of the rows of seats. The four musicians improvised together following their dedicated parts for the eight movements, some as a quartet, some as duos, and one as a solo for Bryce Dessner.


Brooklyn Academy of Music | 2013
Collaboration with Bryce Dessner (The National)
Black ink, gouache, pencil, oil stick on paper
30 min video
With: Bryce Dessner (guitar), David Cossin (drums), Thomas Bartlett (Keyboard), Benjamin Lanz (trombone).