Invited by The Chimney (Brooklyn) and curated by Marie-Salomé Peyronnel for the opening night of The Chimney performance and video festival (2016), Clara Claus performed a three-part piece in collaboration with three musicians – Joakim, Emilie Weibel and Nikhil Sha.
Claus created an installation of geometrical wooden modules leaning on the brick wall of the space. All electronic music, the three musicians' performances marked the "before-now-after" of Clara's live-painting intervention in the installation: Joakim performed facing the untouched installation of the white panels, Emilie Weibel performed in response to Claus' live-painting intervention, and Nikhil Sha performed as an echo of the resulting piece.

Live music by Joakim, Emilie Weibel, Nikhil Sha