Within the walls of the Chateau Royal in Collioure (France), a monumental fortress facing the sea, Clara Claus offers an abstract and fragmented landscape, geography of the sensitive following different steps. The artist invites us to wander in the castle and plays with volumes, colors, materials to trace back the thread of a mental and intimate architecture.

In her creative process, everything starts with a sketch on paper drawn with a black marker that depicts the contours of observation. Once the observed scene is out of sight, then come the colors, in the aftermath, thus tracing memory. The colors are composed in the studio and it's already a way to register imagination. The drawings are overloaded and announce the next step: the paintings on pyramids and wooden modules, signalling both distortion and fragmentation.

At the Chateau Royal in Collioure, Claus opens with raw material the journey she offers through eight rooms. She then deploys her universe. Little by little, the material gets invested, with what is seen, memory and imagination. This thread assembles fragments of matter but also pieces of life, sensation and memories. Thus, Claus collects moments and emotions lived like fragments and constituting a map of the real through an accumulation and compiling approach. Her work is confronted with what we could call ‘the opacity of the real’ – between everywhere and nowhere- and it considers the relationship between what exists and what doesn't exist, what remains and what escapes; the sense of space, time, of bodies and movements. Inspired by the Gestalt theory asserting that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, Claus' artworks are composed of fragments – because nothing is defined in its contour. The observed object is reborn with a new and autonomous identity. Something might disappear, and yet there is still something to see, and it's this trace that matters: the residual.

Clara Claus invests, in depths, what is being played, maybe, in the pulsation of things and beings. Things require their own theatre hereafter– neither illustrative, nor informative.

Text by Lou Svhan  written for the exhibition.

Fil de Fragments
Château Royal
Collioure, France
September 11 - October 20, 2015