Like pages from a journal, the marker drawings of Fragments of a leap are the first steps of Clara Claus' testimony of an exploration of India. While traveling alone to Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Varanasi and Kolkata, Clara observed as she was drawing, spending time with what she saw as she drew; shopkeepers, holy cows, a boatman singing... a way to capture the journey piece by piece.

The experience of the journey became deeper and more complex, and the other elements came to place: the fragmented pieces of wood, the pyramid paintings, the paper scroll drawings... all like fragments of her experience, her journey, passing through different creative filters of observation.

Throughout her journey, Claus encountered many temples and caravanserais, one being a place for belief and contemplation, and the other being a place of rest and recharge. Claus exhibited her fragments in this exhibition with those two places in mind, the caravanserai being the place where the artist can put the fragments down together and display them after a long journey, and the temple being the place where the artist can contemplate and reflect on the travel and art practice, where the experience can be celebrated with others.

All the fragments in the exhibition -drawings, scrap wood paintings, pyramid paintings, paper scroll drawings- are a journey to traceback. The fragments are pieces that can exist on their own, or be put together differently to narrate another story. Each of the fragments becomes anchor point of a constellation that can be constantly reshaped.

Fragments of a Leap
Basu Foundation for the Arts
Kolkata, India
February 22 - March 21, 2015


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