What does a heartbeat whisper? What does a gesture enhold? What does a breath hide? Our body carries our millions stories, collects them in our innumerable particles, all recounted through the enigmatic "music of the body".
For the exhibition Friction at the Espronceda art center in Barcelona (2017), Clara Claus investigates what she calls "the music of her body", through abstract sound recordings, but also shapes, colors, images, as vestiges of this body navigating through things by meticulous mechanisms.
Friction is an exhibition of three installations, each inspired by a sound of the body; the heartbeat, the breathing, and the friction of a body movement. The exhibition presents Claus' intuitive response to the music of the body through the display of her many paper works, painted wood, and video (co-directed with Natacha Ikoli). On the occasion of the opening night, Claus invited musicians from her family and close entourage Pedro Soler, Gaspar Claus and Inés Bacán to create a dialog with these sonic and visual explorations of the body.

Barcelona, Spain
February 4-18, 2017

HEARTBEAT -  Video (clip from original)

RESPIRATION video in collaboration with Natacha Ikoli (clip from original)

FRICTION video in collaboration with Natacha Ikoli (clip from original)